Nuevas Normas de especias de animales de snow sheep , ibex.

Nuevas Normas de especias

Nuevas Normas de especias y la caza de animales, en KGO (club de cazadores de montaña ruso) El 22 de marzo de 2021, se celebró una reunión regular de la Comisión del Trofeo del Club. La reunión adoptó una serie de decisiones importantes.Os comentamos unos de los mas interesantes y importantes para el mundo de […]

Mongolia Ibex

Mongolia Ibex {“type”:”inserter”,”blocks”:[{“clientId”:”37c24273-7059-426c-8a66-119bec0df903″,”name”:”core/gallery”,”isValid”:true,”attributes”:{“images”:[],”ids”:[],”imageCrop”:true,”sizeSlug”:”large”},”innerBlocks”:[]}]}HUNTING REQUEST

Ibex Kyrgyzstan

Ibex Kyrgyzstan

Ibex Kyrgyzstan Terms&Price Price Price: Additional trophies: ibex, wolf Duration: 8 hunting days The price includes: Invitation letter Firearm permit,  Hunting permit,  State fee,  Veterinary certificate Transportation  to/from  hunting region Meeting up and drop off at the airport Accommodation and food in the camp during the whole tour Service of professional guide All serving staff […]

Altai Ibex

Altai Ibex Russia     {“type”:”inserter”,”blocks”:[{“clientId”:”037cc9c9-7b72-4a04-9083-ccdf2b1fe5e2″,”name”:”core/gallery”,”isValid”:true,”attributes”:{“images”:[],”ids”:[],”imageCrop”:true,”sizeSlug”:”large”},”innerBlocks”:[]}]} HUNTING REQUEST

Mid Asian Ibex /Tajikistan

  Tajikistan destination for big game hunters Seeking for Mid-Asian Ibex and the fabulous Marco Polo Argali . Mid-Asian Ibex is the largest Ibex in the world with the horn length up to 60 inches. Hunting place take in Girgatal Region 7 -8 hours drive by Jeep to hunting area. Getting There: There is one […]