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Afghan Urial
Altai Argali in Mongolia
Altai Argali in Mongolia
Altai Ibex
Amur Brown Bear
Amur Brown Bear
Argali Matisony
Argali Severtcova
Argali Severtcova
Blue sheep
Brown bear
Brown Bear
Brown Bear Altai
Bukhara Markhor
Bukhara Markhor
Chukotka Moose
Dagestan Tur
Dagestan Tur
Hangai Argali
Hume Argali in Kyrgyzstan.
Hume Argali in Kyrgyzstan.
Hunting destination
ibex Tadjikistan
Kamchatka Brown Bear
Kamchatka Brown Bear
Kamchatka moose
Kamchatka moose
Kamchatka Snow Sheep
Kamchatka Snow Sheep
Kolyma Snow Sheep
Kolyma Snow Sheep
Koryak Snow Sheep
Koryak Snow Sheep
Kuban Tur
Kuban Tur
Magadan Brown Bear
Magadan Brown Bear
Magadan Moose
Magadan Moose
Maral Altai
Marco Polo
Marco polo Kyrgyzstan
Marco polo Kyrgyzstan
Mid Caucasian tur
Okhotsk Snow Sheep
Okhotsk Snow Sheep
Roe Deer
roe deer
Siberian Brown Bear
Siberian Brown Bear
Snow Sheep
Snow sheep
Wild boar
Wild boar Tajikistan
Yakutia Snow Sheep
Yakutia Snow Sheep

Marco polo , Carelini and Hume Argali in Kyrgyzstan.

Marco polo / Carelini / Hume Argali


Please contact us  for mas information.

  • Invitation letter
  • Firearm permit, 
  • Hunting permit, 
  • State fee, 
  • Veterinary certificate
  • Transportation  to/from  hunting region
  • Meeting up and drop off at the airport
  • Accommodation and food in the camp during the whole tour
  • Service of professional guide
  • All serving staff including one interpreter per group/camp
  • Trophy care and packing.
  • Airline ticket 
  • Russian Visa
  • Alcohol, items of a personal nature
  • Hotel and meals before and after the hunt
  • Excess luggage payment charged by airlines
  • Sightseeing program
  • The cost of any extra hunting days
  • Non hunter fee
  • The cost of additional trophies
  • Trophy shipment
  • Tips.

About the hunt Mid Caucasian Tur

Hunting season: from August 1 to the beginning of March

Group size: 2 to 4 hunters

Climate: continental, with hot summers and winters below zero. The temperature can vary greatly within a single day, especially in the mountains. March: the average temperature during the day around 15 C, night -5 C; November: The weather is windy afternoon around 1 7 C, night … -1 -4 C.

Camp and accommodation:

Wooden house with all accommodations, kitchen, bathroom, shower etc.

Hunting method:


Get there:

Trip plan

Day 1 – arrival in Bishkek if we fly through Istanbul we will arrive at 6 in the morning, where we are greeted by a person who helps us with weapons, picks us up and we go directly to the camp, the approximate trip between 5 and 6 hours *.


When we get to the camp we eat, then we test the weapons at a specially prepared firing range. Rest.

Day 2 – around 6-8 in the morning (depends on the weather), the hunters with their guides go to the hunting camp (1.30 – 2 hours). It depends on the number of hunters, one or two camps are set up, from where they will go out to hunt every day until they get the desired trophy, all hunters have their guide, the hunter has to be prepared to ride a horse between 5 and 8 hours at a time. day. 2 – 3 hunters are housed in each camp.

This very day the hunt.

Day 3 – 8 – hunting days.

Day 9 back to the camp.

  • Terms of Payment

    • Deposit: 50% based on trip price
    • Deposit deadline: 5 days after booking
    • Final payment: Onsite


    • Please refer to the outfitter

    Price DOES NOT include

    • Ammunition
    • Tips
    • Insurance
    • Gun permits


    • Wounded animals to be paid in full

    Important !

    If the hunt is finished prematurely and the hunter wants to return without his group, the client has to pay the transport costs. 

    Any size of TUR trophy counted as a trophy and should be paid by the hunter 

    in the event of a shooting failure, they are hunted until they have an- other shooting opportunity, in case there is no other possibility, health problems, or lack of time, the trophy is considered dejected. 

    The company does not return money if the hunter on the trip has health problems. 

    The company is not responsible for force majeure problems. The wounded and missing animal is considered dead. 

About this hunt:

Kyrgyzstan – is a small country in Central Asia, mountains cover 94% of the state’s territory. Peaks of the Tien Shan and Pamir, always protected snow, alpine meadows with lots of flowers, wild rivers and waterfalls between the rocks, the scent of absin the, blue lakes and green valleys – this is the nature of Kyrgyzstan. However, not only a huge variety of natural landscapes, the abundance of lakes and waterfalls, alpine meadows and glaciers, as well as exclusive natural spas bring travelers from all over the world, but also a rich historical and cultural heritage and wonderful traditions of the Kyrgyz people.


   Ibex Kyrgyzstan  .

This subspecies of ibex may be the largest in body size and horn length. Males reach a weight of 130 kg and even more. The coloration is very different from that of the Siberian ibex and the Gobi ibex. In winter, the males are light brown in color, the sides, shoulder blades and thighs are darker. There are light and dark stripes on the front of the front legs; the stripes on the hind legs are lighter. The head is gray, the beard is brown. A large number of individual color variations in coloration and markings are possible. The horns are very long, relatively thin, the ridges are relatively small.

Animals are found in hard-to-reach places at an altitude of 3,500 to 4,000 m. In some areas we hunt with horses . We used a flaycamp at an altitude of 2500-2700 m.

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