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Afghan Urial
Altai Argali in Mongolia
Altai Argali in Mongolia
Altai Ibex
Amur Brown Bear
Amur Brown Bear
Argali Matisony
Argali Severtcova
Argali Severtcova
Blue sheep
Brown bear
Brown Bear
Brown Bear Altai
Bukhara Markhor
Bukhara Markhor
Chukotka Moose
Dagestan Tur
Dagestan Tur
Hangai Argali
Hume Argali in Kyrgyzstan.
Hume Argali in Kyrgyzstan.
Hunting destination
ibex Tadjikistan
Kamchatka Brown Bear
Kamchatka Brown Bear
Kamchatka moose
Kamchatka moose
Kamchatka Snow Sheep
Kamchatka Snow Sheep
Kolyma Snow Sheep
Kolyma Snow Sheep
Koryak Snow Sheep
Koryak Snow Sheep
Kuban Tur
Kuban Tur
Magadan Brown Bear
Magadan Brown Bear
Magadan Moose
Magadan Moose
Maral Altai
Marco Polo
Marco polo Kyrgyzstan
Marco polo Kyrgyzstan
Mid Caucasian tur
Okhotsk Snow Sheep
Okhotsk Snow Sheep
Roe Deer
roe deer
Siberian Brown Bear
Siberian Brown Bear
Snow Sheep
Snow sheep
Wild boar
Wild boar Tajikistan
Yakutia Snow Sheep
Yakutia Snow Sheep

Hunting for europe hunters now

Countries open to europe hunters right now

Outdoor Hunting for europe hunters after a pandemic

As of April 7, these are the destinations where we can go hunting just by having the necessary visa and PCR test.
Check dates and prices of these hunts by mail or Whatsapp.

Ukraine (Roe dee, Wild boar)

Welcome to hunting in Ukraine

Hunting in Ukraine will be an unforgettable adventure. Ukraine has  a spectacular nature. It is due to the fact that the country is located in three different physical and geographic zones. They are –  Polesia, forest-steppe and steppe. In each one of them , there is a diversity of hunting games.

Polesia – northern part of Ukraine – is coniferous and mixed forests, numerous lakes and marshes. The natural kingdom here looks untouched – a real grace for wild animals!

On the forests and plains we can found roe deers. Known as a clever and alert animal, it is a real challenge to stalk it. Hunting Roe Deer is popular in Ukraine and it is common to meet and harvest great trophies. Due to his ingeniousness, the Roe Deer is a very interesting animal to hunt.

Stalking is the main method of hunting, probably the most interesting and fascinating one.

There is nothing  that compares the pleasure of Moose hunting. The Moose hunt is an exciting opportunity for the avid outdoorsman.

Big sika deer hunting in Ukraine is also a highly recommended hunt . Ukraine is the place where you can hunting  really big sika stag.

During the winter, the hunters can enjoy wolf hunting where the success is very high.

Hunting in Ukraine is so much fun.

Tajikistan (Ibex, Wild boar , Marco Polo, Urial, Markhor)

Welcome to hunting in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a small, mountainous country located in Central Asia. Some 90 percent of its land area is covered by the soaring peaks of the Pamir Mountains, which rise to more than 24,000 feet and are home to the world’s most sought-after wild sheep, the Marco Polo argali. Tajikistan, with Kyrgyztan, is one of just two countries in the world where these magnificent argali can be hunted. Because of the sheer difficulty of access and the remoteness of the terrain they inhabit, Marco Polo are very abundant here.

Hunts for Marco Polo argali occur at extreme altitude ( 3700 to 4500 m) – (12500 to 14500 ft) in very challenging terrain, and good physical condition is a must.

Average shooting distance is (200 to 450 meters) – (400 to 500 yards), so rifles in the .300 magnum class are generally recommended, and hunters should be well-practiced and comfortable shooting at longer distances.

The high-altitude terrain can get extremely cold and windy. Since the climate is very dry, staying hydrated is a must.

Average horn length for Marco Polo sheep taken in Tajikistan ranges (from 140 to 150 cm) – (55- 59 inches), but every year some sheep of 60 inches (153 cm) and larger are taken.  Mid-Asian ibex trophy quality is very good, ranging between ( 105 – 135 cm) – ( 42- 53 inches).

Uzbekistán (Ibex, Wild boar, Argali severova, Urial, Markhor)

2 licenses for Markhor and 4 licenses for theBukhara Urial are annually granted.

In 2019 on the hunting economy of FHS Surkhon
the first hunts for Markhor aged 12-13 years and
Bukhara Urial aged 12 years were conducted.

The hunting base is located 2 kilometers from the hunting territory.
The nearest international airport is in the city of Termez.

The trip from the airport of Termez to the hunting camp
will be about 2 hours.

Kyrgyzstan (Ibex, Marco Polo)

Welcome to hunting in Kyrgysztan

Hunting in Kyrgyzstan gives to the hunters opportunties to hunt Marco Polo / Carelini / Hume Argali  and Ibex. During your stay on this beautiful country you can get the desired trophy. Kyrgyzstan is called a great country with friendly people and high-quality trophies. A wonderful mountainous country in Central Asia gives perfect chances for hunting, variety of animals and beautiful landscapes.

The country is almost completely mountainous, being found at the juncture of two great Central Asian mountain systems – Tian Shan and the Pamirs.

Let’s go  hunting in Kyrgyzstan to enjoy your adventures and get high quality trophies.

Mongolia (Altai and Hangai Argali, ibex)

Big Game Hunting, Wingshooting, Fishing and Adventure Safaris in Mongolia. The exclusive hunting safaris which we offer carefully tailored for discerning sportsmen. Our Hunts are conducted in highly skilled and experienced Professional Hunters and Local Guides, skinners, drivers and camp chefs. The team effort of our fulltime staff will ensure that every aspect of your safari from arrival to departure unfolds exactly as planned.

Nepal (Blue sheep, Thar)

Hunting the Blue Sheep in the Himalayan mountain of Nepal has been described by many hunters as being one of the highlights of their hunting career.
Please find  details and prices:

Season:       SPRING – March and April     OR     FALL – October and November         Duration of hunt: 14 days 

Pakistan (3 – ibex, 3 – urial, 3 – Markhor)

Pakistan is a Paradise for hunting lovers. In this country hunters will be able to hunt some of the most desired animal species such as : The Kashmir Markhor, Sulaiman Markhor ,Punjab Urial ,Blandford Urial, Afghan Urial , Himalayan Ibex y Sindh Ibex, Marco Polo Sheep and Blue Sheep.

The hunting season goes from the 1st of October until the 30th of April . Hunters will able to hunt some other species all over the year: Hog deer (Axis Porcinus),Mouflon (Ovis Gmelini),Chinkara(Kennion Gazelle),Black Buck (Antilope Cervicapra),Nilgay – (Boselaphus Tragocamelus),Axis (Axis Axis),Punjab Urial and Wild Boar.

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