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Afghan Urial
Altai Argali in Mongolia
Altai Argali in Mongolia
Altai Ibex
Amur Brown Bear
Amur Brown Bear
Argali Matisony
Argali Severtcova
Argali Severtcova
Blue sheep
Brown bear
Brown Bear
Brown Bear Altai
Bukhara Markhor
Bukhara Markhor
Chukotka Moose
Dagestan Tur
Dagestan Tur
Hangai Argali
Hume Argali in Kyrgyzstan.
Hume Argali in Kyrgyzstan.
Hunting destination
ibex Tadjikistan
Kamchatka Brown Bear
Kamchatka Brown Bear
Kamchatka moose
Kamchatka moose
Kamchatka Snow Sheep
Kamchatka Snow Sheep
Kolyma Snow Sheep
Kolyma Snow Sheep
Koryak Snow Sheep
Koryak Snow Sheep
Kuban Tur
Kuban Tur
Magadan Brown Bear
Magadan Brown Bear
Magadan Moose
Magadan Moose
Maral Altai
Marco Polo
Marco polo Kyrgyzstan
Marco polo Kyrgyzstan
Mid Caucasian tur
Okhotsk Snow Sheep
Okhotsk Snow Sheep
Roe Deer
roe deer
Siberian Brown Bear
Siberian Brown Bear
Snow Sheep
Snow sheep
Wild boar
Wild boar Tajikistan
Yakutia Snow Sheep
Yakutia Snow Sheep

Dagestan Tur

Dagestan Eastern Tur


Dagestan Eastern Tur (7 days + 1 Tur) 1 hunter……….. $7.000

Dagestan Eastern Tur (7 days + 1 Tur) 2 hunters….$6.000 per person 

Additional Trophies: Chamois, Bear, Yak, Caucasian Buffalo.

Duration : 6 hunting days and 2 of travel

  • Invitation letter
  • Firearm permit, 
  • Hunting permit, 
  • State fee, 
  • Veterinary certificate
  • Transportation  to/from  hunting region
  • Meeting up and drop off at the airport
  • Accommodation and food in the camp during the whole tour
  • Service of professional guide
  • All serving staff including one interpreter per group/camp
  • Trophy care and packing.
  • Airline ticket 
  • Russian Visa
  • Alcohol, items of a personal nature
  • Hotel and meals before and after the hunt
  • Excess luggage payment charged by airlines
  • Sightseeing program
  • The cost of any extra hunting days
  • Non hunter fee
  • The cost of additional trophies
  • Trophy shipment
  • Tips.

About the hunt Dagestan Tur

Hunting season: August to November,(Abril-May possible) 

Group size: 2 to 4 hunters

Climate: European, hot, cold snow since December

Camp & Accommodations:  Hunting camp, fly camp, hotel.

Hunting Method: We move by horse and walk.

We arrived at Mineralnie Vodi airport and there we are welcomed by a local guide. If our plane arrives in the morning we drive to the camp straightway, but if we arrive in the afternoon we sleep there and we drive the next morning. 

Once we arrive at base camp, we rest, have dinner and we plan the next hunting days with the hunters. Some people like to arrive one day before to acclimatize to the height, all depends on hunters. 

The base is 1200 – 1600 meters above sea level, it has good beds, heater, good water, food and homemade wine for our clients. We have horses and cars to make it easier in some areas of the hunt. 

We hunt from base camp and depending on the hunt we also use fly camps if necessary. We move by horse and walk. 

Each hunter has his guide, and every morning we wake up at 4-5 am, we have breakfast and then we go to the mountains.

Sometimes if the weather is difficult, then we have to sleep some days in the fly camps, so the hunter needs to have a very good sleeping bag.

We are talking about a difficult hunt, where the hunter has to be very fit. And hunters should be able to shoot from 200 to 300 meters.

  • Terms of Payment

    • Deposit: 50% based on trip price
    • Deposit deadline: 5 days after booking
    • Final payment: Onsite


    • Please refer to the outfitter

    Price DOES NOT include

    • Ammunition
    • Tips
    • Insurance
    • Gun permits


    • Wounded animals to be paid in full

    Important !

    If the hunt is finished prematurely and the hunter wants to return without his group, the client has to pay the transport costs. 

    Any size of TUR trophy counted as a trophy and should be paid by the hunter 

    in the event of a shooting failure, they are hunted until they have an- other shooting opportunity, in case there is no other possibility, health problems, or lack of time, the trophy is considered dejected. 

    The company does not return money if the hunter on the trip has health problems. 

    The company is not responsible for force majeure problems. The wounded and missing animal is considered dead. 

We have already owned more than 300,000 ha in the hunting area. 

Hunting for an authentic Kuban Tur (Capra Caucasia)is on the border of Karachay-Cherkessia and Abkhazia; 

Central Caucasian Tur is in Kabardino-Balkaria, next to Mount Elbrus or in the border zone for very special clients, there is the possibility of hunting with an archer. 

The Dagestan tur is in North Ossetia, in addition to this, since 2017, we have explored the hunting territories in the Republic of Dagestan, which is already famous for the size of its trophies. With the help of our partner and CEO Marat, who studied these territories well, built routes with local guides and shepherds,

We have achieved the best results over the past 3 years, at the moment there are already more than 25 satisfied customers, two premium trophies at the exhibition in Madrid 2020 (the best Caucasian trophy – the best trophy exhibition of the Central Caucasus Tur). We also have an armored room for the weapons of our customers. That’s why there will be no problems with the import and export of your weapons. 

More hunts Caucasian Tur

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